Presentatıon of the Project -The Power Of Civil Society To Combat Human Trafficking

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This project has been carried out in the Civil Society Dialogue IV Program between the European Union and Turkey, the Justice, Freedom and Security category.
Project Name
The Power of the Civil Society to Combat Human Trafficking
Beneficiary of the Project
Turkey Antalya, Family Counsellors Association
Co-Beneficiaries of the Project
1. Germany Berlin, Network Against Trafficking in Human Beings -KOK e.V.
2. Greece Thessaloniki, Association for the Social Support of Youth – ARSIS

Location of the action Turkey, Germany, Greece
Total Budget 149 820 €
Budget EU Contribution 134 838 €
Duration of the Project 15 February 2016-14 February 2017
General Purpose of the Project
Empowering the co-operation between NGOs in Turkey and EU countries by enablingthe information and experience sharing and fighting against the human trafficking.
Special Purpose of the Project
Making capacity evaluation and analysis of the NGOs working in the field; understanding the human trafficking issue

, raising information and awareness of the NGOs on human trafficking; finding solution of the problems cooperatively; improving capacity of speciality; improving collaboration in national and international level to be able to give powerful support to the victims; strengthening the advocacy capacity of the NGOs to enable them to participate in legal regulations and have an impact on policy processes; developing the case management tools and SoPthat is valid in prevention, prosecution and protection for use by NGOs; supporting the victims by the increment of the number of NGOs and forming network.
Main Activities
1. Capacity Assessment
2. Capacity Building Trainings
Raising Information and Awareness Training
28-29-30 September 2016
Networking Training
25-26-27 October 2016
Advocacy Training
28-29-30 Novenber 2016
3. Developing National Anti-Trafficking NGO Network, December 2016
4. SoP and Case Management
5. Monitoring and Evaluation
Beneficiaries of the Project
20 NGOs representatives from Turkey, 10 NGOs representatives from European countries will participate the training programs
15 NGOs representatives from Turkey will participate the Developing National Anti-Trafficking NGO Network Training

Project Team
Steering Committee Members o Project Specialists
FCA Güngör ÇABUK S, Yusuf ERDEMİR o Key Experts
FCA Odise Vuçinas & Turgay ÇAVUŞOGLU,
o Project Officer
o Steering Committee Members
AB Bakanlığı Selman ÇETİN
Expected Results
o Quantitative and qualitative increment of the NGOs
o Raising information and awareness of the NGOs about the human trafficking issue
o Making visible the problem. NGOs will be informed about the deficiencies on service delivery and inabilities.
o NGOs will develop solutions co-operatively.
o Developing the national and international cooperation.

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