The Power Of Civil Society To Combat Human Trafficking Project Capacity Analysis

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The Aim of the Study
To assess the capacity of non-governmental organizations in the terms of human trafficking issue which carry out direct action on human trafficking in Germany, Greece and Turkey and also NGO’s located in Turkey which have a possibility of working with victims of trafficking and at the same time woking with disadvantaged groups.
Specific Objective of the Study
To understand the level of knowledge, needs, awareness and advocacy capacity of non governmental organizations about human trafficking, to identify gaps in the prevention and protection services; and to create content of the training according to results of the study.
Time of Application 15 April 2016-15 August 2016
Focus Group Interview]
In depth interview

Focus Group Turkey
6 focus group meeting was organized in 5 different cities of Turkey.
Ankara 6 NGOs 7 Representatives, April 18, 2016 -Monday
lstanbul{2 group}: 11 NGO, 11 Representatv, April 26, 2016 – Tuesday and April 27, 2016 – Wednesday
Izmir: 7 NGOs, 7 Representatives, April 29, 2016 -Friday
Hatay: 4 NGOs, 4 Representatives, May 26, 2016 -Thursday
Mersin: 7 NGOs, 12 Representatives, May 21, 2016 -Saturday
41 representatives from 35 NGOs were participated. Focus Group Europe
Germany Berlin, 1 focus group, 8 NGOs 10 representatives, June 7, 2016 – Tuesday
Greece Thessaloniki, 1 focus group, 4 NGOs, 8 representaties, June 15, 2016 – Wednesday
Interview / Qualitative
NGOs that work on human trafficking (2)- HDRF,KDV
NGOs that is not working on human trafficking (9) -Ankara (2), Gaziantep (2), Diyarbakır, Van, Nevşehir, Bursa,
Total NGOs= 58, Participant= 70 persons

Work on human trafficking:
Focus Group Study
Germany 8 NGOs 10 representatives
Greece 4 NGOs 8 Representatives
In depth interview
TR KDV 1 representat’rve
TR HDRF 1 representative
Total: 14 NGOs 20 Representatives
Not working on human trafficking
Focus Group Study
TR 35 NGOs, 41 Representatives
In depth Interview
TR 9 NGO 9 Representative
Total 44 NGO

, 50 Representative
Total NGO= 58, Participant =70 people
Legal Status of NGOs in Turkey Associations :28 Chambers: 3
Professional organization (association): 4
Network across Turkey: 3
Local network (city council}:2

Trade union: 1 Cooperativel Total: 46
The Activity Areas of the NGOs in Turkey
• Human concerning social issues: 12
• Women (violance, abuse, rape, women’s rights, etc.):8
• Children (child labor, children work/live in streets, child trafficking, child pornography, etc): 6
• Immigrants/ refugees: 6
• Legal an social rights of public employees: 2
• Human Rights:5
• Disabled peopled
• LG BT individuals^
• Addicted individuals: 1
Turkey-Prominent Factors Related with Human Trafficking Definition
The presence of human rights violation,
Restrain of freedom,
To be illegal.
The exploitation of people,
Against the will of the people,
Give harm,
Inducement of people

The Exploitation Types of Human Trafficking
• Sexual exploitation
• Labor exploitation
• Child labor, to work in factories and agriculture
• Child marriages
• Organ smuggling/trafficking
• Child trafficking (to begged, sold)
• illegal adoption
• Domestic laboring
• Psychological abuse
• Exploitation of hope
The Vulnerable Groups in Human Trafficking
• Poors
• Children/ Orphans
• Women
• Elders
• Disabled people
• Victims of war
• Immigrants / Refugees/ Asylum Seekers
• Ones who have low education level
• Those who are not supported by their families and social environment

• Ones with low self-esteem
• Homeless people
• Discriminated groups
• Stateless people
Traffickers’ Properties and Methods That
They Use
• Illegal organizations, gangs, mafias,
• Those who have national and international network,
• Parents and relatives,
• Usually men (having power)
• People with lov; education levels,
• People who is equipped, resourceful and not apply to brute force / or apply force to the people
• Professional person, influential people who have a specific place in the community,
• Women who were victimized once and then noticed that money wich is earned from this work is high,
• Anyone who aim to provide profit,
• People who run after vulnerable and people in need,
• People who dec ¡eves others with various promises and creating pressure on them.

Psychological condition of the victim
(According to people working on this fields)
• Fear
• Concerns about present and future
• Mood disorders
• Highs sense of worthlessness
• Helplessness
• Low Self-Esteem
• Ashamed
• Traumatized
• There are multiple psychological problems and these vary according to the person
Psychological and Social Support that must
be given to the Victim
• To take away the victim from the environment of the trafficker and take under protection by giving shelter support
• To satisfy the basic needs such as medical assistance, clothing and food
• To give psychological support: To develop confidence and sense of belonging, giving short term and long term trauma treatment
• To help with socializing, to apply preventive, protective, developing and strenghtening programs.

• Enable them to benefit from economic aid, help them to acquire a job
• Ensure that they receive legal aid,
• To make collaboration with other organizations about referral
Results of the Study
The definition of human trafficking
Representatives of NGOs working in the field of human trafficking have made the defitiniton on the basis of UN Palermo Protocol;
Other NGO representatives who do not work directly on human trafficking,have made the definiton of violance but includes some elements of human trafficking
Needs of NGOs
All participants staded that they have a need to be informed on all matters related to human trafficking.
However; the issues that NGOs would like to receive information varies. (NGOs working on this area/ or not)
In Germany and Greece, its been mentioned that people victimized by parents or other relatives; in Turkey simiar problems exist but its not visible because of there is no awareness,.

Exp: Child begging done by parents, child labor,
child marrriage, illegal adoption are common but
those are not considered as human trafficking.
In meetings and interviews:
• In Turkey, representatives of NGOs which are not working on human trafficking area, don’t know the system and to cooperate with which instutituons when they faced with human trafficking wictim.
• NGOs which are not working directly on human trafficking focused on: what is the concept of human trafficking, to understand what are the needs of victims, to learn the national and international legal practices and legistations.
• NGOs working in the field of human trafficking more focused on eliminating and strenghtening the needs of victim, to improve the victim-oriented system and importance of the specialization.
• NGO representatives working in the field of human trafficking stated that, system should be reorganized and strengtened not only according to sexual exploitation but also all kinds of exploitation.
• All participants mentioned that one should be in a versatile and multi-sectoral communication and collaboration.

• Participants in Turkey, indicated that there should be more NGOs participating in human trafficking process, and there should be cooperation and collaboration based on trust among organizations.
Expectations regarding role and functions of NGOs in Turkey
“NGOs awareness-raising power is high but they have little enforcement power.”
To actively and effectively involve on government mechanisms.
To make distribution of tasks yo provide multifaceted support to the victims.
And to be specialized.
To exchange information and experience regarding mutual trust relationship of trust
To become independent (material and spiritual)
To conduct advocacy and observations (follow up ) studies.
To develop policies.
To make the problem visible, etc.
Representatives of NGOs working on human trafficking area in Germany stated that within the scope of prevention work, victim should be effective communicate and cooperate with his/her country.

It is indicated that, it should be increasing number of organizations which strives with human trafficking and fights against preperators, and they should be strenghtened in means of staff, information and specialized personnel.

The Power Of Civil Society To Combat Human Trafficking Project Capacity Analysis Report (english in page65)

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