The Power Of Civil Society To Combat Human Trafficking Project Nongovernmental Organizations Sop-Standard Operational Procedures

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Standard Operational Procedures For Victims Of Human Trafficking

Victims of human trafficking should be supported in a multifaceted way.

Them being subjected to human rights violations at an advanced level, and at the same time the existence of criminal organizations with the potential to harm them make an environment in which is different from other oblige that human trafficking victims are supported in an environment different from other victims. For this reason, while developing the

Standard Operational Procedures, while fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of the NGOs that will be included in the system and the institutions related to the support for the victims of human trafficking; It is necessary to have a system that will support the victim and free  it at the same time. NGOs appear to be a significant contributor at every stage when the strong programs on prevention, detection, identification and protection of trafficked victims are examined. It is important that non-governmental organizations provide expertise in their fields with professional-based staff, with a rights-based approach rather than a charitable purpose. Before developing Standard Operational Procedures, it is useful to look at the roles and functions of NGOs.



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